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Retail Security

Providing retail security guards to protect your store

Theft prevention

Select Security is experienced in providing protection across large and disparate retail estates with a significant number of employees, and in working with clients to reduce theft, shrinkage and the risk of crime.

Our experience in security systems enables us to maintain and service legacy equipment efficiently, design and install new technology, and create fully integrated solutions that including remote monitoring and analytics. Our solutions are designed to add value to your core business activity.

Our ability to provide intelligence and analysis provides you with actionable data on crime and threat, enabling us to work with you to develop strategies which reduce risk and protect your people, property and brand reputation.

Integrated security solutions for the retail sector

The retail sector provides the ideal opportunity for our integrated security solution, which optimises the use of manpower and advanced technology to create real value for money and return on investment.

Retail businesses are complex and multi-layered, operating at customer facing level through to stock management and delivery. As such our approach delivers a seamless end to end solution.

We provide:

Integrated retail security services

Risk-based resourcing model

In-house customer hubs, enabling innovative cost-efficient solutions

Retail sector intelligence gathering, analysis and reporting

No two retailers are alike or operate in the same way – our security solution recognises this and is designed for your business from the ground up.

A growing reputation for quality, response, value & integrity

We listen to our clients needs and then work as a team to provide a viable security solution.