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Providing latest high definition imaging technology, remote monitoring and access control

CCTV Solutions

Our CCTV systems utilise the latest high definition imaging technology and come complete with night vision. Each system will have virtual tripwire alarming and send live signals to our monitoring station.

Once an alarm in confirmed we can call out the police or send our rapid response teams with or without our trained dogs. Systems usually come complete with Audio challenge public address. We are also able to add to the site security with biometric turnstiles as well as site cabin alarm systems.

CCTV is more than just peace of mind. It can be used to protect your business from theft and vandalism, while also providing many more benefits. It is a valuable training aid for staff and a proactive measure against loss prevention. CCTV allows you to ensure that your staff are using correct manual handling methods and are operating machinery and equipment safely. It can also help to protect your business against false legal claims.

We offer bespoke solutions and work closely with our clients to provide reliable and proven CCTV systems that will suit your business. Whether you need a temporary camera system for a small site or a custom installation with biometric scanners and heat mapping for a larger site, we will provide you the right solution for your business.

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Remote CCTV monitoring and access control

Your property under 24-hour surveillance

CCTV systems provide around-the-clock coverage of your building. Any incidents will be dealt with immediately and footage will be recorded for later examination. With our remote monitoring service your property remains under 24-hour surveillance. In the event of our monitoring centre picking up a disturbance at your property, we can immediately dispatch one of our mobile guards. Our fast response time ensures minimal loss and disruption to your property or business. Our professional guards are highly trained and are licenced by the Security Industry Authority.

Our CCTV systems with remote monitoring provide everything that you need to ensure your building is secure. You can see what is happening at your property at all times via an app on your phone or on your computer.


Access Control

We provide all variants of access control systems for your facility or building. From discretionary (DAC), role based (RBAC) or mandatory (MAC) we can provide bespoke solutions to suit your needs. Access control provides many benefits including stopping walk in thefts and ensuring only authorised personnel have access to your building. You can record staff and visitor movements via control points across your site, giving you full control of what is happening in your building.

We can provide different levels of access control at the best price without compromise. Depending on your security needs we provide everything from fobs, wristbands and swipe cards to biometric scanners that use biological physical traits such as fingerprint, retinal (eye) or full-face scan.

We ensure that security is always maintained by giving you full control of managing access rights. Access rights can be granted or taken away remotely. We can manage this on your behalf, or we can provide you with everything you need to be able to control access remotely yourself. All our systems have battery backups in case of a power cut or physical manual overrides such as a lock and key.

A growing reputation for quality, response, value & integrity

We listen to our clients needs and then work as a team to provide a viable security solution.