Our People

We strongy believe that any security company is only as good as its frontline staff. We therefore invest a considerable amount of time in matching our officer’s personality, competencies and outlook to the required tasks.We tailor the needs of the client environment to the staff and train and encourage our staff in order that they are motivated and dynamic.

We support our officers to be an integral part of our clients business,and always encourage the completion if tasks that can be seen as added value. We have a recognised route for promotion and this means that we can build a solid team that meets our clients’ needs and expectations.

Our company boasts one of the lowest staff turnovers in the industry and our emphasis on staff welfare and conditions ensure that we always have officers who have wide experience and key skills.

Recruitment and Selection:

Select Security (NW) Ltd recognises that good employees are the foundation of our business. We have built an enviable reputation for providing highly trained, motivated and reliable security personnel.

We have built this reputation through our selective recruitment process, intensive training programme (BS7499)  and thorough progressive assessment. We only employ individuals of proven competence and integrity, and preferably on a full time basis. The security screening procedure for potential employees is of the highest (BS7858) standard.

if you are interested in joining our team please complete the enquiry form below or refer to our contact page or send in your C.V.