Star Guard January


It is Boxing Day and most of us are enjoying a walk in the fresh air and trying to work off the Christmas pudding. That's all  of us except a group of thieves in Wrexham who are busy cutting paths in undergrowth to steal metals and make good an escape.

What they didn't bank on was the sharp eyes of Select guard Terry Davies who was able to keep observations from inside the premises and alert the police and the Select Control who immediately sent our North Wales Manager Phil Henney and our MD Peter Littler who were less than two miles away at the time they received the call.

Phil Henney explains ' The thieves had no idea that the company had employed Select over the Christmas holiday and had worked hard at making the path to the fence. There is no doubt that Terry's vigilance on a day when you wouldn't expect such activity, played a major part in what would have been a certain crime'. 

His quick reactions have led to Terry being named Select's Star Guard for January and he will receive a gift and a signed certificate.