Cutting Edge


At Select, looking after our clients property and people as well as our own people are our most important priorities.

Creating a safe and secure environment takes a lot of work and to help us stay ahead of the game we look to innovations in technology, one of these being NFC or Near Field Communication.

This is a contactless technology used within a Smart Phone which enables us to view what’s happening in real time and with the added ability to respond to incidents immediately.

We can protect our people with a multiple activation lone worker protection system, we can create incident reports for our customers within seconds and the reports can be accessed by both us and our customer in real time giving us complete transparency in what we do for them.

As well as the patrol systems, we are also innovating by creating different ways to use this technology in other areas such as Site visitor management, Key holding and alarm response to name a few.
Our technology partner Scantech Solutions have enabled us to bring all of the ideas to fruition by trialling different versions of the system and giving us the very best advice on new and upcoming technology.

They have brought their technological expertise and combined it with our security expertise to make a formidable solution which is both fantastic value for money and completely unrivalled.

If you would like to know more about our system or the technology in general, please feel free to contact us.